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SWP3 Documentation
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3)
Terradyne Group can develop your site specific SWP3 Manual Narratives outlining procedures for minimizing pollutants from entering storm water runoff and leaving the construction site. The narrative SWP3 Manual is written to address the requirements of the current TPDES TXR150000 Storm Water Regulations for construction site activity as administered by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Included in the manual are all required signature documents and the completed TCEQ permit forms such as the Construction Site Notice (CSN) and the Notice of Intent (NOI) application if required for large sites. In general, a TCEQ permit is required for any construction site disturbing over 1 acre or 'part of a larger common plan of development' over 1 acre. Designations are Small Construction Activity (1-5 acre) and Large Construction Activity (over 5 acre).
SWP3 Site Inspection Reporting
Terradyne Group Inspectors will conduct scheduled inspections of the entire construction site and submit timely written reports in accordance with the requirements of the TCEQ's TXR150000 Regulations. Having full knowledge of the TXR150000 Regulations and the site specific SWP3 for your construction site, the inspector's observations will document the effectiveness of all erosion control devices and BMP's to determine if maintenance, revisions or additional controls are needed to effectively contain sediment or other pollutants on-site. Inspections are required every 14 days and within 24 hours of a 0.50 inch rain event or every 7 days whichever the operator chooses.